For children and teenagers

Group activities for children and teenagers are generally offered between April and October.
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Nature Discovery event

guided by Tim Holt Wilson

 Tim is an incredibly well informed guide for children and adults alike, going on an adventure with him reveals so much of nature that seems hidden at first glance. This is a not-to-be-missed opportunity! 

Sunday 7th July / 10am-1pm / Free / 7-14 yrs old

"Hidden Nature : a micro-safari for young nature-explorers"

This project is funded by the Aviva Access to Nature fund

With access to a field lab complete with microscopes and slides, the young explorers will get a glimpse of what is going on in the river and in the grassland at Heron Meadow ... sometimes just out of sight


Some of our past events

Hidden Nature
A micro-safari for young explorers
Drumming with horses for teenagers
 An introduction to drum to connect to oneself to others and ponies
Open Mornings
Visit, explore, have fun
Burying Treasure
Planting daffodils bulbs
to bring some awareness to the earth and its natural cycles 

Little Herd Meeting
A guided meeting between children and ponies,
 and explore what it feels like to experience the world as a pony.