Reconnecting with the ancient way

Our workshops are generally offered between April and October.
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Grandmother's Journeying Circle

The Grandmothers ceremony was created by an American woman and a Mohawk elder for women who had lost their ancestral wisdom and traditions.

We create a sacred space to connect with each other, firstly by singing some chants together and then sharing briefly what is arising in us. After a short-led meditation, we journey to a drumbeat to one of the eight directions (4 cardinals and 4 non cardinals) each represented by a Grandmother figure (she may come in many forms) who holds an archetypal wisdom. Our intention is to meet the Grandmother and so gain support to access knowing from places deep within us.

It is a way of being guided by the wise Elders and our lineage, honouring those that have gone before. A way of remembering our true and sacred nature and the sacredness of the more than human world.

We journey always for ourselves and also for the group (community)


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Journey of Awareness

An introduction the Medicine Wheel model
Medicine Wheels are found in many indigenous cultures and have been a source of inspiration for several therapeutic approaches.

A Medicine Wheel is a map of Life, a "whole", circular and holistic model where every being, every natural element in this circle is interconnected and has an innate wisdom.

At each cardinal direction of the Wheel, we can connect to a specific aspect of Life, of ourselves and its qualities, It is our Circle of Self as well as the Circle of Life. Travelling in this Wheel is a journey of awareness, a path of knowledge, acquired by conscious life experience.

Working with the Medicine Wheel model helps us to explore deeply our own self and to regain connections between all our aspects, and to create well-balanced interactions and relationships around us with all the worlds.

Day workshop group session £50/person
Individual sessions are available all year

Drumming with Horses

Horses love the vibration of the drums ! Drums are one of the most ancient instrument created by humans to celebrate the rythm of Life itself, connecting through heart beat. Nowadays a lot of research has proven the benefit of the frequency of the drum, helping us to relax, feeling grounded and connected.

We will tune in the pulse of the Earth, find out our inner rythm and bring the drum to the horse as an offering and to celebrate the extraordinary ancestral bond between horses and humans. No need to know how to drum, or to have one, we provide them.

Day workshop group session £50/person

Celebrations of the seasons and the cycle of the year

 We are offering opportunities to be part of ceremony/ celebration to honour the Equinoxes and Solstices, bringing more awareness of the qualities held by each season of the cycle of the year.

Minimum £5 donation