Reconnecting with the ancient way

Our workshops are generally offered between April and October.
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Grandmother's Journeying Circle

 Saturdays 6 July / 3 Aug / 14 Sept / 5 Oct / 2 Nov / 7 Dec



The Grandmothers are the Ancient Ones of Earth. They are the medicine carriers, wisdom bearers, and spiritual Elders. They are the Caretakers of the Earth, along with its multitude of living creatures, all of whom are our kin.
The Grandmothers ceremony was created by an American woman and a Mohawk elder for women who had lost their ancestral wisdom and traditions.

We create a safe and sacred space to connect with each other, firstly by singing some chants together and then sharing briefly what is arising in us. After a short-led meditation, we journey to a drumbeat to one of the eight directions (4 cardinals and 4 non cardinals) each represented by a Grandmother figure (she may come in many forms) who holds an archetypal wisdom. For example, the Grandmother in the West is Grandmother Earth who holds the wisdom of Dreamtine, Gestation, Ripening, Internalisation.
Our intention is to meet the Grandmother and so gain support to access knowing from places deep within us.

It is a way of being guided by the wise Elders and our lineage, honouring those that have gone before. A way of remembering our true and sacred nature and the sacredness of the more than human world.

We journey always for ourselves, for the group and for the community.

£5-10 donation
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