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Earth Drumming 
Death Café
Earth Café

Most of our activities are offered between April and October.
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Earth Drumming

Using drumming and percussion to help us connect with nature and
with each other ....

Many of us thinking of the climate and ecological emergency may wonder “what can I do about it?”.

These led sessions, using drumming and percussion based on West African rhythms explore and encourage the need to connect and listen more deeply. Our focus on connection and collectivity may enable what is ours to do to emerge.

For those new to West African drumming we learn how to play hand drums, shakers etc and discover the importance of our connections to each other and our surroundings.

For those with experience of West African drumming we refocus our awareness onto our connections with each other and the land around us through a mindful attention towards the playing of interconnected rhythms. 

For more information email Jane :
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Death Café

Anyone interested please email us

A Death Cafe is a place where people, often strangers, gather to drink tea, eat cake and discuss death.
Death has become a taboo subject in our society and we hope that by offering this space we may make it less so. The objective is to increase our awareness of death and so to help people make the most of their (finite) lives.
The land of Heron Meadow shows us the cycles of life and death on a daily basis so it feels like a good place to hold this space. It's a group directed discussion of death, facilitated by Deborah Kaye, with no agenda, objectives or themes.
It is not a grief support group or a counselling session. 

Deborah  loves to be in connection with nature and all natural rhythms. She practices conscious living and support deep listening. She enjoys being and sharing with people, and appreciate the value of their differences. After years of  Customer service roles, she progressed into supporting people to focus on their spiritual path, using various therapies to help people relax, and to return to their true selves. 

Earth Café

Anyone interested please email us

Concerned about what’s happening in the world around us?

This is a facilitated space where you know you will have space to speak. It is not designed to recruit you or call you to action.

It is really important to talk about how we feel about what is happening to the earth and often difficult as we can feel guilty about not doing enough or get frustrated with others for not doing enough.

So at the café we don’t talk about what we should be doing, we just talk about the ecological crisis and how it makes us think and feel.

Some of our past events

Earth Café
For people concerned by what is happening in the world around us
Open Day and Open mornings
To visit Heron Meadow freely , meet its inhabitants and learn more about them
Sheep Day
A celebration of the Sheep, their gifts and our shared history
Death Café

A group directed discussion of death with no agenda, objectives or themes.

The Woodland Project facilitated by Menscraft
An opportunity for men to spend practical and purposeful time outdoors
Tree planting supported by the Environment Agency

Establishing a new area of scrubland and copse as a dedicated wildlife habitat 

What the Waveney knows
Exploring the natural history of Heron Meadow and Wortham Ling